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      Unser Gesundheitsnetzwerk in Steglitz-Zehlendorf


      We Introduce Ourselves

      Krankenhaus Waldfriede and its facilities belong to the organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

      Since its establishment in 1920, we see ourselves as a christian center for holistic health which provide help and support to those entrusted to our care. Our goal is the recovery and preservation of health. 

      Our Guiding Thought

      "Our service to man, is service to God"

      Man, with his needs, cares and adversities, is the focal point of our action. We attend to the well-being of the body, soul and spirit, while being guided by christian ethics. 
      We face present and future challenges in the health policy and medical care sector. 

      Our Commission

      Brotherly love is the foundation of our work, just as it is based in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our services are open to all people, regardless of religion, idiology, nationality or social position. 

      Our Fundamental Principles

      The person seeking help or counsel is the focus of our endeavors. 

      Personal care, patient orientation and repect for one’s dignity are our standards of measurement. 

      Protection of an unborn life is self-evident for us. 

      With the use of top-quality medical and nursing measures, we encourage our patients to take responsiblity in re-shaping their lives after illness.

      At the same time, within the scope of our christian responsibility, we respect the personal decisions patients make with regard to medical or therapeutical provisions. Also during the last phase of life, our patients and their families may upon request, receive the pastoral accompaniment and care of a chaplain. 

      Our Co-workers and Staff are Important

      Every co-worker is responsible for his own actions. In this regard, he/she experiences recognition and support both professionally and personally. There is good collaboration, demonstrated by dedication, professional competence, experience and mutual respect. The executive management also works closely with the staff by means of a cooperative style of leadership and transparency. Their function as role models and care providers is taken seriously. 

      We offer young people training opportunities for their professional development. 

      We Take Reponsibility for Society and the Environment

      We see ourselves as a part of the health-political, social, cultural and economical environment and take our responsibility for the district and region seriously. 
      As a health network, we offer opportunities for our citizens to actively promote their health. 

      Through the use of environmentally friendly technology and procedural methods, we do our part in preserving and improving our environment. We are careful how we handle all resources and deal as economically and ecologically responsibly as possible. We develop health promoting operational procedures and adjust them to the needs of our patients and staff. 
      The staff is committed to an exemplary quality standard in diagnostic, therapy, support, assistance, as well as pre- and post- care. We have gained this quality through professional competence, professional experience and continuing education. 

      We Encourage Collaboration

      Through the close collaboration of our health network, we guarantee that those seeking help and counseling, will find a competent contact person who will take into consideration their needs and wishes. Internal and external communication is characterized by an open, comprehensive and contemporary exchange of information. 

      We seek and nurture a cooperative and trusting collaboration between the internal departments and facilities as well as to the external partners.