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      Unser Gesundheitsnetzwerk in Steglitz-Zehlendorf

      Center for Health Promotion PrimaVita

      Welcome to the Center for Health Promotion (Gesundheitszentrum) PrimaVita! 

      The Health Promotion Center has been in existence since 1993. In August 2002, it received a new image under the name „ Center for Health Promotion Prima Vita". Nation-wide, it was the first prevention facility that was affiliated with a hospital. The focus of its comprehensive services is health promotion and prevention. 

      More than 600 courses and seminars are offered each year covering such topics as aquatic exercise, staying fit and active into your senior years, gentle exercise for the spine and musculature, relaxation and stress reduction, lifestyle and nutrition (including smoking cessation). Besides these, there are many courses for expecting mothers and young parents, as well as those dealing with Parent-Child issues. 

      Since August of 2008, the Center for Health Promotion Prima Vita can use the swimming pool located in the former Rehabilitation Center on Teltower Damm, for its aquatic courses and ongoing classes. These courses take place in an exclusive atmosphere (it is not a public swimming pool) and in warm water, which has a constant temperature of 32°C. By means of an integrated Hub floor, we offer various courses in either 135 cm of water, or a deep water course in 180 cm. 

      Besides this broad spectrum of courses and seminars, the Center for Health Promotion Prima Vita offers other services relating to your health and well-being: the Medical Check Up. 

      In spite of all the activities and services that the Center for Health Promotion offers, you as a person, with your individual needs, remain the focus of our team. 

      We look forward to welcoming you in the Center for Health Promotion PrimaVita. 

      Dr. Dr. med. univ. Gerd Ludescher

      Medical Director

      Martin Herziger

      Administrative Manager