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      Unser Gesundheitsnetzwerk in Steglitz-Zehlendorf

      Interdisciplinary Pelvic Floor Center

      Dear Patients, 

      During a person's lifetime, and due to an upright gait, the pelvic floor is exposed to a variety of stresses and strains. 

      As a result, various anatomic and functional changes can develop which can be noticed especially in colorectal function, the bladder and in women, the vagina. 
      Often, because of a sense of shame, long concealed problems like urinary incontinence, urinary urgency or stool incontinence finally brings a patient to seek help from a doctor. But also parallel dysfunctions such as problems with defecation, urination or in women, prolapse disorders or an altered sexuality can occur. These symptoms should be a signal for you to visit our Pelvic Floor Center in Krankenhaus Waldfriede. 

      Problems in the pelvic floor are not to be considered as singular. Therefore it is necessary to take into consideration a holistic evaluation in order to ensure a promising therapy. This can only be accomplished with a multidisciplinary team of proctologists, specialized urogynecologists, urologists, physical therapists, nutritionists, psychologists and qualified nursing personnel. 

      Krankenhaus Waldfriede has brought these specialists together as a team in our Interdisciplinary Pelvic Floor Center. Their close cooperation in individual case consultations ensure that the patient is treated holistically and not simply under the magnifying glass of one's own specialty. 
      Thus we are able to devise for our patients, a maximal holistic therapeutic concept within the parameters of conservative treatment. 
      At the same time, it is especially important to us, that after precise diagnostics and comprehensive information, the right of each patient to an individual treatment concept is assured. 

      These therapies are enhanced by a qualified physical therapist and life-style counselling. But also with questions concerning everyday life and the use of continence devices, our specialized nurses (urotherapists) are here to advise our patients. 

      Follow-up possibilities for our patients with regards to the evaluation of the healing process and treatment success are especially important to us. 

      We regularly conduct health information programs for our patients in the Health Promotion Center, PrimaVita. 

      Our Pelvic Floor Center is certified by the German Continence Society as an Information Center. 

      With best regards, 

      Dr. med. Thorsten Unglaube

      Head of the Pelvic Floor Center

      Michał Tuscher

      Obstetrics and Gynecology