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      Unser Gesundheitsnetzwerk in Steglitz-Zehlendorf



      Verein Krankenhaus Waldfriede e. V. 
      Argentinische Allee 40 
      D-14163 Berlin 

      Telephone: +49 (0)30. 81 810-0 
      Fax: +49 (0)30. 81 810-77373 
      E-Mail: info(at)waldfriede.de 
      Internet: www.waldfriede.de 

      Court register: District Court Berlin-Charlottenburg 
      Company registration number: VR 123 B
      Tax-Nr.: 2763250124 

      Regulating Authority:  
      Landesamt für Gesundheit und Soziales (LAGeSo) Berlin 


      Bernd Quoß

      Board of Directors

      Norbert Zens (Chairman) 

      Press Officer

      Bernd Quoß
      E-Mail: b.quoss(at)waldfriede.de

      Data Security Officer

      Patrick Kluge 
      E-Mail: p.kluge(at)waldfriede.de 

      Public Relations and Editorial Office / Ad Management and Corporate Design

      Martin Herziger
      E-Mail: m.herziger(at)waldfriede.de

      Development and Webdesign

      Michael Fleischhauer


      Kai Abresch

      Editorial Team

      Senior Physician for General Surgery: 
      Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Ingo Leister 

      Head of the Anesthesiology Department: 
      Dr. med. Jürgen Kluth 

      Head of the Breast Center: 
      Dr. med. Barbara Brückner 

      Head of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department: 
      Dr. med. Florian Müller 

      Head of the Department for Hand and Foot Surgery: 
      Dr. med. Martin Lautenbach 

      Head of the Internal Medicine Department: 
      PD Dr. med. Carsten Büning 

      Head of the Department for Colo-rectal Surgery: 
      Dr. med. Roland Scherer 

      Directors for the Interdisciplinary Intensive Care Medicine: 
      Dr. med. Jürgen Kluth, PD Dr. med. Carsten Büning 

      Directors for the Interdisciplinary Pelvic Floor Center: 
      Dr. med. Thorsten Unglaube 

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