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Baby Hatch

Anonymous Birth

We are always receiving questions as to the possibility of giving birth anonymously at Krankenhaus Waldfriede. You may obtain further information under: 

+49 (0) 30. 81 810-394 

Destination Garbage Bin

First baby hatch in Berlin

Sie landen in der Spree, in Kellern oder im Müll: Jedes zweite ausgesetzte Kind stirbt, weil manche Frauen keinen anderen Ausweg sehen. Deshalb haben wir vom Krankenhaus Waldfriede das Projekt Babywiege ins Leben gerufen. Damit Kinder die Chance bekommen zu leben. 

An alternative for women who cannot be mothers.

They end up in the Spree, in cellars or in the garbage: every second abandoned child dies because some women see no other alternative. That is why we at Krankenhaus Waldfriede, initiated Project Baby Cradle. We want children to have a chance to live. 

An alternative for women who cannot be mothers. 

It is green and located at the back of House A: the first Baby Hatch in Berlin. Behind it, is concealed a heated bed in which the women can lay their baby anonymously and without threat of penalty. Sensors set off a time-delayed alarm. There is enough time left to leave the grounds without notice. 

We need your support in order that unwanted newborns will not have to die

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